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Rotary Dryer, Inc. is the drying industry’s leading supplier for high quality parts and components. Essentially, we can furnish any part or component for any make of rotary dryer, cooler or conditioner. If required, we can help you redesign or make improvements to your existing equipment. By maintaining a low overhead and a long working relationship with our supplies, Rotary Dryer, Inc. can pass along a major cost savings for the very same parts you’re buying from the original manufacturer.

  • Forged steel tires; one piece and four piece
  • Cast steel wedge bodies with shims for mounting tires to shells
  • Shim blocks and retaining rings for mounting tires to shell
  • Trunnion rollers; any size for dryers or kilns
  • Sleeving of worn trunnion rollers
  • Thrust roll assemblies; any style
  • Trunnion roll bases with machined top surfaces
  • Ring Gears; one or two piece, “T” profile or rectangular profile
  • Gear mounting hardware, leaf springs, lugs, etc.
  • Pinions bored to size with keyways or with locking assemblies
  • Custom designed pressurized oil and grease lubrication systems for gears and pinions
  • Power transmission components
  • Distributor pricing for pillow block bearings
  • Seals; Kevlar, synthane, transmission belting and leaf type
  • Powdered graphite systems for tires and trunnions
  • Replacement steam chests and pipe manifolds
  • Steam tubes, end caps and tube glands
  • Non-condensable vent rings, hoses, etc.
  • Rotary joints and repair kits


Rotary Dryer, Inc. offers field services to assist in the maintenance of dryers and coolers whether produced by us or another manufacturer. Our field service firm maintains a “U” stamp accredited under the provisions of the ASME Boiler and Pressure Vessel Code and the “R” stamp accredited by the National Board Inspection Code.

  • Replacement steam chest or pipe manifolds
  • Re-tubing
  • Shell replacement or repairs
  • Gear and tire replacement
  • Tire and trunnion replacement or grinding
  • Alignment services and trouble shooting

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